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Anti-stress padel in the Reserva de Higueron in Fuengirola- Costa del Sol

If you are passionate about padel or sports in general, want to spend a whole weekend playing on the best courts and take a break from the stress of everyday life, Reserva del Higuerón in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) is the perfect solution.

The Reserva de Higueron Resort and Sports Club is our first recommendation for your padel plans. Situated in this fantastic enclave of the Spanish Costa del Sol in Fuengirola, it is well known for its beaches and for its great weather but also for its wide range of tourist and leisure attractions to visit.

For this getaway, we suggest the Reserva de Higuerón Resort and Sports Club, where you can enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.

This ‘Club & Resort’ is unique for the Costa del Sol and offers a wide range of services: hotel, sports and water activities, leisure facilities and restaurants, one of them with a Michelin star, not to mention, it specialises in everything related to the world of padel.

Sports practice

The club boasts nine spectacular glass courts, six of which are panoramic, providing greater visibility in the game as there are no frames between the glass panels.

In addition, the Reserva de Higueron Sports Club has a tennis court and a state-of-the-art gym with cutting-edge technology powered by Technogym.

But there is also space to practice other sports. It has a beachy area with four beach volleyball courts, a beach football pitch, four beach tennis courts, three beach handball courts and half a basketball court.

All of this is duly divided and organised in their respective zones. It also has exercise rooms for supervised activities and personal training services provided by the club’s professionals. As a result, you will be able to get the best out of your body.

Rest and relaxation

And, where can you sleep? Three buildings house 290 rooms and suites designed to meet all your needs.

Standard room, about 30 m2 and fully equipped; deluxe room, similar in size to the previous one but with a bathtub next to the terrace with excellent views, as well as other amenities; one-bedroom suite, very similar to the deluxe room; and the duplex suite, on two floors (65-77 m2) that can accommodate up to four people.

The Reserva de Higueron Resort and Sports Club also has dedicated areas for rest and relaxation.

The resort itself features a ‘Nagomi Spa and Wellness‘ centre, where you can relax with hydrotherapy and the unique wellness treatments it offers

It also has a 25m indoor swimming pool with for lanes for swimming, a rehabilitation track for water sports and an outdoor track.

Unwind in the ‘Wave beach club’, the Resort’s beach club, where you can go for a dip in a climatised pool or in the Mediterranean.

In addition, you also have the option of attending meditation sessions, a great opportunity to disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life, reduce stress and improve your health.

Food, quality and variety

We know that for sports players, food tastes much better after training. The Reserva de Higueron Resort and Sports Club has up to six bars and restaurants, including Sollo by Diego Gallegos, which has a Michelin star, and a modern Japanese restaurant called Akira.

Variety is a virtue and at this ‘Club & Resort‘ you can choose the type of food you fancy at the time.

No need to worry if you forget a swimming costume or need an extra pair of trousers. The club itself has a sports shop that offers a variety of clothing, where you can find sports products by top brands.

It has everything you need for your favourite sport. You can even recharge your batteries at the Snack Bar La Higuerita, the resort’s snack bar with delicious and healthy snacks.

Visiting and more

But it doesn’t just have to be about playing padel, eating and resting. In Fuengirola, there are a variety of different places to visit, from beaches to the entertainment that the Costa del Sol has to offer to the area’s historic buildings.

One of these attractions is Sohail Castle, which is part of the city’s national heritage and located at the mouth of the river Fuengirola on a small, isolated hill that rises 38 metres above sea level.

The castle takes its name from legend, which says the star Sohail (known as Canopus to the Romans), the brightest star in the southern hemisphere and guide to desert nomads, could only be seen from this castle.

You can also visit the Parque del Yacimiento Romano (the Roman Archaeological Park), an archaeological complex dating, according to current research, between the 1st to the 6th centuries.

If you are looking specifically for sunshine and tranquillity, Fuengirola is a wonderful place.

The area is comprised of 7km of beaches integrated into the town centre. It has been awarded the Blue and Q flags for Spanish Tourist Quality on all its beaches for the magnificent maintenance and good condition of its waters and sands.

Close to the resort, we recommend Playa Carvajal, Playa de Torreblanca or Playa de la Moderna.

But if you are visiting with family and you want to dedicate some time to leisure, this Andalusian town is still a great option.

Young people, children and adults are guaranteed to be entertained: a zoo, mini-golf, children’s playgrounds, city tours on the tourist train, horse-drawn carriage rides, multiplex cinemas, shopping centres, a wide variety of fashionable shops and lively nightlife areas.

Also, if you need to get around, the Reserva de Higuerón Resort and Sports Club has a shuttle service to the shopping centre, the beach and the train station.

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