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Padel History

Daniel and Gastón Correa, the first honourees of the World Padel Museum that will be inaugurated in Acapulco

On 11 August, the inauguration of the first World Padel Museum will take place in Acapulco, Mexico. The museum will be mobile, and it will feature the brothers Daniel and Gastón Correa, legendary Argentinian players who were fundamental in the growth of this racket sport.

Padel’s relevance on the international scene is increasing.

To make it even more widespread, the first World Padel Museum will open in Acapulco, Mexico, this August.

It will be a mobile museum celebrating the padel players who have helped to spread this sport around the world.

Leaders and coaches who have had an international impact on the growth and development of padel will also be honoured.

The museum will share the history of padel throughout its different eras.

Its collection will feature items from all of the world champions, from the 1970s to the present day.

The museum will tour the major cities where padel is played.

Acapulco will be the initial headquarters, although it will also pass through Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, etc.

Daniel and Gastón Correa, the first honourees

The first lucky players to be inducted into the World Padel Museum will be the legendary pair, brothers Daniel and Gastón Correa.

The Argentinians, from Pellegrini, in the province of Buenos Aires, will be recognised for their extensive career, which began in the 90s.

In addition to their sporting achievements, amongst which their tenure as the number 1 and 2 players for almost ten years in the Mexican ranking stands out, the Correa brothers published the first book on padel that saw the light of day in Mexico, entitled “Padel Total” (Total Padel).

As part of their induction into the museum, they will give a lecture in which they will discuss the most notable aspects of modern padel, both on a technical and tactical level.

In addition, their talk will address the evolution that padel has gone through over the years.

Based on their extensive experience as professional players, they will speak about the opportunity they’ve had watching the sport grow from the inside.

Naturally, the brothers were very excited about the honour of being included in the museum.

We’ve been in the world of padel for 30 years,” they said. “They called us from Mexico in order to record our journeys in the first World Padel Museum, which they’re creating in the city of Acapulco, Mexico, the place where this sport was invented.”

For Daniel and Gastón Correa, “it is the unexpected crown jewel of our sports career”.

“We are thrilled to bring our city’s name, Pellegrini, with us into the museum,” stated the brothers upon receiving the news.

The centre of their lives

As for their first foray into padel, they emphasized that, although it began as nothing more than a hobby, as the years went by, it became the centre of their lives.

“We started playing padel in the 90’s,” they recalled. “At the beginning it was a simple hobby, but over time we came to take it very seriously, participating in Argentinian and provincial championships.”

A key moment in their professional career came when they moved to Mexico. They stayed there for 10 years, being the two first seeds in the national qualification.

“We moved to Mexico, where we lived for 10 years,” the Correa brothers said. “It was then that we wrote our first book on padel, the first edited and published in Mexico. That’s why its a very special feeling to have the recognition of the World Museum, inaugurated in this country.”

50th Anniversary

The World Padel Museum won’t be inaugurated on just any old day.

It’s opening day will be the 50th anniversary of the sport’s origin, a fact that the Correa brothers also recalled.

“Our lives have revolved around padel, through good times and bad, but always with the aim of doing our best,” they explained. “Fittingly, the creation of the World Padel Museum coincides with the 50th anniversary of the emergence of padel in Acapulco.”

For the pair, being members of the museum is a gift after a career encompassing decades of sacrifice, trying to show the best versions of themselves, always in search of professional progress as much as personal.

“Being inducted into the museum represents the highest honour which we could aspire to in our career,” stated Daniel and Gastón Correa. “It is a spectacular award for so many years of e

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