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Enjoy the best of padel by travelling to dream places

As more and more people are getting into padel, resorts and hotels all over the world now include padel in their range of activities.

It’s been a few years since padel had its boom, and there are very few people who have not tried this fantastic sport by now.

In fact, padel is already played on all continents and is widely practised in up to 60 countries around the world.

It’s a new trend that has sparked public curiosity and that is gaining more players every day thanks to its accessibility and the comfort it provides. We are now seeing more and more courts popping up in our cities and towns. There’s no reason not to try it.

Spain, the padel capital

Spain is one of the places where padel has laid its strongest foundations. The sport is experiencing its moment in the sun in this country.

Today, it has become one of padel’s epicentres and the growth of this sport has been so great that there are now more players than in tennis.

According to data from the Spanish National Sports Council (CSD), 75,818 padel player licences were issued during 2019. That’s 4,727 more than for tennis. That was the first year in history where padel beat out tennis, which has a centuries-old tradition in Spain.

Moreover, since 1994, when the CSD first began recording data for this sport, padel has steadily grown. But in the last decade, the numbers have skyrocketed: between 2009 and 2019, records have risen by 283%.

Padel as a tourist attraction

This data changed the trends in many sectors that are now opting to offer padel as part of their services. Many Spanish hotels that know about this new trend have started to build professional courts in their facilities to make this sport a tourist attraction as well.

This has started a new trend: Luxury resorts incorporating padel among their array of exclusive activities. Increasingly more tourists are requesting this option, causing it to become a necessary service rather than an added perk.

While this phenomenon has been most noticeable in resorts along the Mediterranean coast and in the south of Spain, it has now spread throughout the country.

What better way to play padel than by travelling to the most spectacular and attractive places in the country and enjoying an exceptional weekend?

Padel is a good excuse, but the overall experience goes beyond that. It’s a chance to try out professional courts, travel with friends and enjoy a holiday in the best hotels.

There is a wide range on offer. Padel is the main focus, but it can be combined with all sorts of activities to match the surroundings.

If you decide to go to the coast, you can alternate between games and beach time, sunbathing by the hotel pool or even another sporting activity such as volleyball or beach football.

If you opt for the mountains, playing padel can be supplemented by wonderful hiking trails or a bike ride. All this in addition to the relaxing services offered by the hotel establishments themselves: massages, bubble pools, jacuzzis, etc. It’s pure luxury.

Global expansion

In addition to Spain, there are many other European countries where padel is becoming increasingly popular, especially the ones closest to Spain such as Portugal, Italy and France.

The sport is also working to establish itself internationally. The spread of resorts and hotels with courts in European countries outside Spain is also on the rise.

A higher quality of courts and an irresistable offering in every aspect of the trip: accommodation, complementary activities and quality services.

The number of inns that offer padel as a central focus of the trip has grown. In the UK and Ireland, for example, many hotels with large buildings now count this sport among their luxury services.

Outside of Europe, North and South America are other continents to consider for this activity. It’s true that padel has not been as successful on the other side of the pond as has been in Spain, but in some parts of the Caribbean, there are very high-end resorts that have courts in their facilities.

This is the case with Costa Rica—a country with many European tourists—the Turks and Caicos Islands, Panama, the Dominican Republic and the Dutch Caribbean.

Brazil, for its part, has managed to hit the nail on the head as it is one of the Latin American countries where the sport is growing the most.

In Asia, you can also find resorts with padel courts found in incredible destinations, such as the Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia.

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