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Smart padel courts are already a reality in Spain

Managing players’ access to the courts, switching the lighting on and off and many other functions that can be done from the mobile phone.

The padel community in Spain is growing at breakneck speed. That’s why clubs urgently need to find ways to automate many of their management processes.

And since technology is advancing across the board, a sport like padel can also benefit from it.

 This is the case with smart padel courts, a revolution that is gaining more and more popularity in Spain.

These courts include an automation service that allows users and players to manage their reservations and access the court from their mobile phones.

That is, the user or club member will be able to manage their arrival and departure times from the court autonomously.

The process may vary depending on the system. In general, everything is managed from a mobile app that the user registers to.

From there they can request time to access the court, the lights they will need and any other service that may be available.

These are the most basic functions that can be managed remotely on a smart padel court.

But there are many others related to the management of the centre: switching lights on and off, climate control, the public address system, surveillance work, etc.

A smart court also allows for faster and more efficient management when booking courses, attending classes or training.

It’s also very useful for signing up for amateur tournaments and keeping track of the result of each match.

The first padel club open 24/7

This is the case with the Padel Indoor Center (PIC) of Baraklado, Bizkaia, which has already put a stop to the endless queues of users signing up for tournaments and recording match results.

Thanks to its automated management systems, the PIC has managed to automate countless processes that until recently were limited by physical space and the presence of staff.

They even offer their users the option to access courts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They’re the first padel club to do so.

But what companies offer these types of automation services?

The truth is that, in Spain, the offer could not be more extensive. From Domotizar or Padel Time Sport to the Valladolid company Reserva Deportes—more and more companies offer this comprehensive service.

All of them are responsible for providing the clubs with the necessary equipment and its proper installation. It must be said, however, that these companies are not only in charge of infrastructure.

The Led Projects Magic Box

Many of them also offer efficient management systems related to club staff and resources.

For example, Led Projects, a company based in Leganés, offers a service called Magic Box.

It is an automation system suitable for all types of sports facilities.

Not only does it handle access to the courts and switching lights on and off, but it also offers efficient management of the club’s resources.

Saving energy, restructuring employee work times, turning lights, heaters or air conditioners off and on, and more—everything related to giving a club greater control over their fixed expenses.

The fact is that a padel club’s process automation goes far beyond checking in and out of the courts.

We’re also talking about sophisticated databases for all kinds of management involving partners and users, for example, sending e-mails and newsletters, making bank remittances to collect fees from members, etc. This in addition to any process that can be carried out from the centre’s website.

Automating doesn’t mean losing the human touch

But does automating these processes mean these clubs will lose their human touch? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

In fact, many club workers could dedicate more time to providing personalised attention to players and users of the facilities.

Ultimately, with these automation systems, they no longer have to be responsible for providing access to the courts, switching lights on and off, signing up players for tournaments or recording the results of matches and amateur leagues.

It could be said that smart padel courts not only optimise every single management process but also bring significant financial savings for clubs.

They also make the player and employee experience at the facilities more pleasant.

The padel community in Spain continues advancing.

And now it does so hand in hand with technology, which makes life easier for players, coaches, technicians and many other workers who are essential for the operation of a padel club.

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