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The new Adidas AdiPower Master LTD by Marta Ortega. What makes them different?

The Spanish player debuts her new special edition racket at this year’s Marbella Masters World Padel Tour.

Marta Ortega adipower master LTD padel view
Cedida por All for padel (Adidas)

In the middle of the Marbella Masters World Padel Tour week, Marta Ortega, the player ranked fourth alongside Marta Marrero in the tournament, showed off a new padel racket. It features the new special edition design of the Adipower Master LTD racket, signed by Ortega herself.

But, why is this racket different to others? The new design is what distances it from the usual Adipower racket in many ways.

It is still a balanced ‘tool’, designed to maintain control of the game. But it also has a series of reinforcements in the head and bridge that give it remarkable power. And the materials it’s made with allow the racket to remain very light.


It can be said that it’s a very versatile racket. In addition to the great balance that has always been a feature of this model, the power of the volley and the launch of the ball is spectacular. This racket has a slightly lower balance, so it will have a large sweetspot.

Not to mention the ridges in the central area, which help to give the ball a better spin. This is a technology called Spin Blade (or effect technology).

This is the name given to the different types of embossing that padel rackets can have. There are several types, “en molde, gritt or decal”, each of them designed to give the ball a different effect.

This special edition Adipower Master LTD also features Dual eXoskeleton technology, a small carbon structure inserted into the core of the racket. Its function is to reinforce this area to prevent twisting during high intensity impact. This means that there should be no problems when defending from the back of the court because you’re able to deliver a great volley.

Something else we gain thanks to the combination of the Carbon Aluminized fibre and its Eva Soft Energy rubber. Its High Memory technology gives it an unthinkable energy return for such a light racket, so it’s also designed to provide a great stroke.

Unlike its ‘little sister’, this new Adipower Master LTD design features, as we mentioned earlier, a ridge that reinforces the head of the racket. The so-called Power Embossed Ridge is very useful for completing, as it provides the necessary power point.

A new look

In terms of aesthetics, this special edition is darker in colour than the original model. The racket is finished in black, while the Adidas logo is screen-printed in a more electric blue, with the aforementioned ridges.

The handle cover and cord give it a classic look that is not in line with a more modern and adaptable design.

It has a series of weights in the bridge area that allow you to balance it to your liking. In fact, this racket weighs between 345 and 360 grams. It is a very light model, but it’s controlable to an extent.

It is also worth mentioning the elegant way in which the Adipower Master LTD is presented:

The design of the box, in a dark grey colour and with an inspirational text on the inside flap; both the Adidas logo and text are accented in a shimmering silver-grey tone, and at the bottom, Marta Ortega’s handwritten signature is screen-printed.

A great “tool”

Reviewing the new features of the Adidas Adipower Master LTD racket, it seems clear that it is a great “tool”. In addition to its characteristic balance, it has a range of reinforcements that make it even more powerful. It’s an especially versatile racket.

It remains very light, so it is designed to take control of the game from the back of the court. But its low balance gives it a much wider sweetspot, which improves, by far, the release of the ball.

Also, this racket allows for a great backhand, thanks to the reinforced ridge at the top of the racket.

As expected, its starting price is higher than the well-known Adipower.

Its design and the format of the box give it the appearance of a truly luxury item. An Adidas special edition that you too can get.

But, without a doubt, the key features are its great balance, power and versatility. After all, it is Martita Ortega’s racket, one of the most successful players in padel.

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